Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Communication Arts Advertising Annual 47. December 2006

So now we have another chance to read what creatives from around the globe have to say about their ideas. The blog about Cannes I would say was quite a success. Thanks to all the creatives who shared their winning ideas. Thanks to all the other creatives and people from the industry who, through word of mouth, kept checking the blog. Thanks to all the people who asked for more. It takes time and effort, but the reward is great for all of us. Keep spreading the word.
Alex Beker

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rethink, Vancouver. Greengate Garden Centres.

Greengate has buyers around the world that import the very best plants, trees and shrubs available. They hire certified horticulturalists to help you buy the right product for your garden and they guarantee everything they sell for up to a year (which is unheard in the gardening business). But none of these facts made for interesting advertising, so we instead focused on the benefit of healthy trees: they grow faster. They fill in quicker. They block out nosy neighbours sooner. These were the things customers really cared about.

The client was initially apprehensive about this ad. He thought animal rights activists may not see the humour, but to his credit he gave us the green light with the promise of creative restraint and a dog that didn’t look too pained.

The tree and leash were shot in camera, but the dog was shot in a different location on a ramp that the photographer built. “Ginger” was a really easy-going dog, but freaked out when she was lifted vertically on the board. So in the end the owner had to hold her dog up in the air for us to get he shot. I think the final image was made of about 5 or 6 shots of various dog parts to get everything just right.

Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Writer: Brian Collins
Creative Directors: Ian Grais/Chris Staples
Photographer: Ric Kokotovich
Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada

Rethink, Vancouver. 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

In our very first briefing with the client, they asked: “What would get us on Letterman?”

This question became our mission. We thought what a great way to think about a campaign. What could we do that Letterman, or Leno, or Conan would pick up or talk about in their monologue?

Thinking in these terms we had a lot of really weird/insane ideas, but the one that seemed to stick was to build miniature billboards on rats.

At first we wanted to do this for real— build a little contraption with the clients’ phone number, attach it to real rats and then release them by the hundreds into various cities. They would then naturally be drawn to people with junk and advertise directly to them. We actually didn’t even think of TV commercials at first, we thought this would just be a PR and online campaign.

In the end doing TV commercials was a much safer idea.

Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Writer: Bryan Collins
Creative Directors: Ian Grais/Chris Staples
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Production Company: Reginald Pike
Ad Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada

Saturday, January 13, 2007

John St. Toronto. James A.W. Mahon Divorce Lawyer.

From the “Big ideas don’t always have to be big” category we decided to make the most of our client’s request for a new business card. For starters, when the space you have to work with is 3.5 x 2 inches simplicity is of the essence. After that, we started exploring different visual solutions for the concept of divorce. We wanted it to have universal quality so it wasn’t long before the idea of splitting and dividing started working it’s way into the card. Before long we were searching the city to find a suitable printer to perforate the card to provide it’s unique interactive quality. Seeing as we’ve recently received a request for more cards from our client we can only assume that they’ve been a nice addition to an otherwise not-so-nice profession.

Title: Divorce Lawyer
Agency: John St.
Client: James Mahon
Art Director: Nellie Kim
Copywriter: Chris Hirsch
Creative Director: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic

Friday, January 12, 2007

TBWA Toronto. Client: Nissan Canada.

Firstly, we had a good positioning: "Infiniti FX is a sports car and SUV, all-in-one". The car, its design, its abilities, is designed for men in their '40's; guys who want the pragmatisim of an SUV, yet still wanted to exercise their peurile inclinations and stretch out as they would in a sports cars.

These preliminaries in hand, it really wasn't too difficult to come to the conceptual conclusion that we did. We knew that guys, not unlike us, would've, in their youth, taken a great deal of interest in Hot Rods, and Dragsters.

From there, we married the imagery of and FX as a Nitro-burning Funny Car, its shell raised to expose the exhorbitantly-powerful guts underneath. The twist here being that instead, we replaced these guts with one of Nissan's legendary track cars, the Skyline GT-R.

It was always our favourite, recommended concept. It happened to be spot-on in the client's eyes. They bought it right away, and spared no expense for us to hire Vincent Dixon, an A-lister in his own right, and then soon enough it was done. We had other concepts, though they were there to show the client we didn't just do this alone with all the money they pay us in fees.

Overall, this ad was an example of all the things that should happen when an agency is organised and focused. We had a good brief, a good relationship with the client, and a concept everyone liked, and went on to do well for the client, and, by judging from your interest, us as well.

Now, even I over the years have wondered how ads like this get to have as many people in the credits as they do. It just so happened that both teams, us in a Cd and conceptual capacity, and Mike and Greg in a conceptual capacity, came up with a similar idea.

Art Directors: Mike Blanch/Scott Couture
Writers: Greg Buri/Allen Oake
Creative Directors: Joe Amaral/Scott Couture/Allen Oake
Photographer: Vincent Dixon

Thursday, August 17, 2006

2006 Cannes Festival

Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions were awarded to creatives around the globe and are now being showed off on someone's office desk or shelf in France, Argentina, USA, India and South Africa, to name a few.

This blog hopes to collect the thoughts and feelings of those creatives about their ideas which the judges recognized among the best in the world.

Please come back frequently for new postings.

Thanks to everyone for cooperating.
Alex Beker

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leo Burnett, Mumbai. Bronze Lion. Press.

What Kaushik Mitra, (copywriter at Leo Burnett, Mumbai) has to say about "Receptionist" and "Waiter"

To start off with, I think it's important to understand that over 50% of the population in India is below 25 years of age and when they seek a holiday, they're seeking either complete inactivity and laziness, or they're seeking adventure and fun.

Now the Maneland Jungle Lodge is a resort right at the edge of Gir Forest, an area famous for its lion population in Gujarat. And an area that's certainly not meant to attract the break-from-work-by-lazing holiday seeker.

For us within the agency, it meant an opportunity to create something adventurous and bold, and that's precisely how I remember my art partner, Harshad descibing the brief. Maneland had never advertised before in a big way, and it was our turn to pounce upon an opportunity to create a big, wide splash in the marketplace for holidays and tours in India.

"Mutilated lodge staff" was the first thought that emerged in the brainstorm to follow. While I admit it was I who was guilty of coming up with the idea first, it couldn't have been possible without Harshad and the rest of the team saying what they did. Soon after, our brainstorm got interrupted because there was another urgent brief we had to do immediate justice to, and while presenting the idea to the rest of the creative directors within the agency, we realised that that was the only idea we were left with.

But luckily for us, Pops (or KV Sridhar, as our National Creative Director is otherwise known), Agnello Dias (the Executive Creative Director) and Santosh Padhi (National Art Head), all fell in love with the idea. And saw to it that it was executed perfectly and released in good time, before the holidays began. Luckily the client also had a sense of humour and loved what we created. Of course, we had no idea then that a resort meant to show off the last lions in India would get us one!

Type Of Advertisement: Newspaper
Category: Travel, Transport & Tourism
Product or Service: TOURIST LODGE
Entrant Company, City: LEO BURNETT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Advertising Agency, City: LEO BURNETT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Creative Director: K.v Sridhar/Santosh Padhi/Agnello Dias
Copywriter: Agnello Dias/Kaushik Mitra
Art Director: Santosh Padhi
Photographer: Shekhar Phalke
Account Supervisor: Sandeep Pathak
Advertiser's Supervisor: Anil Kumar

Monday, July 31, 2006

Santo, Buenos Aires. Bronze Lion. TV.

What Sebastian Wilhelm (Creative Director at Santo, Buenos Aires) has to say about "Sorry Mum"

Dirt is good is Ala’s (omo’s) global brand idea, and we think is wonderful. It turns the whole washing powder category in its head by focusing on something much more important than clean clothes: children’s development. As a message, it’s good and it’s powerful. And more over, only a brand with great cleaning credentials could say so.
As our first task on this brand, Santo was asked to launch this concept in latin america.
As it happens, adults often want children to behave like adults. But children will be children: they love to run about, to jump, to explore and experiment and could not care less about clean clothes. The problem is: mums nag them about it. They berate them because they don’t understand the good their children obtain from it. So we tried to expose that ridiculous behavior in a charming way and in the process, explain to mums why dirt is good.
It all sprang from the thought of a 4 year-old girl saying: “sorry mum for getting dirty. It wasn’t very mature of me”. With that ironic thought in mind, we wrote a thinly-veiled sarcastic speech from children to their mums, saying sorry to them for getting dirty, while at the same time, teaching her what “unimportant” things they’d learned in the process.
It was a surprise for us that it won a lion; I reckon some spots are more powerful in the ad break than in the Cannes reel, but nevertheless it makes us proud to have won with a brand (and brand managers) that never even had a decent piece of work to submit to a festival.


Category: Household: Cleaning Products
Advertiser: UNILEVER
Product or Service: ALA/OMO DETERGENT
Entrant Company, City: SANTO, Buenos Aires
Advertising Agency, City: SANTO, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Maximiliano Anselmo/Sebastián Wilhelm
Copywriter: Sebastián Wilhelm/Pablo Minces
Art Director: Maximiliano Anselmo
Agency Producer: Andrés Salmoyraghi
Production Company, City: PALERMO FILMS, Buenos Aires
Director: Martín Hodara
Producer: Barbara Factorovich
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Juan Carlos Lenardi/Julian Mex Ledezma
Editor: X
Music: X
Sound Design/Arrangement: No Problem