Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BBH, London. Bronze Lion. Press.

What Kevin Stark (Art Director. BBH London) has to say about "Pin"

Murphys is an Irish Stout like Guinness. Stout has always taken a long time to serve due to the lively state of the beer. So much so, that some people are put off by the wait.
Murphys have developed a Fast Flow system that enables a pint to be poured in only 26 seconds. That was the brief. So we took that to the extreme. Could we actually produce the whole ad in 26 seconds?

After much scribbling and experimenting we produced three press ads, each one literally produced in the time. Headline,picture, logo. The level of sophistication governed by the time limit.

We then went on to make a tv spot in a similar vein. So there you have it. A cheeky antidote campaign to the big budget Guinness 'Best things come to those that wait'

Watch the TV spot here:


Additional images

Type Of Advertisement: Newspaper
Category: Alcoholic Drinks
Title: PINT
Advertiser: INBEV UK
Product or Service: MURPHY'S FAST FLOW BEER
Entrant Company, City: BBH, London
Advertising Agency, City: BBH, London
Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Copywriter: Nick Kidney
Art Director: Kevin Stark
Illustrator: Sid Russell/Chris Chapman
Typographer: Kevin Stark
Account Supervisor: Mercedes De Graaf
Advertiser's Supervisor: Jon Sampson


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