Wednesday, July 12, 2006

JWT INDIA, Mumbai. Gold Lion. Press.

What Senthil Kumar (Creative Director at JWT INDIA, Mumbai) has to say about "Slim figures 2"

In the beginning there was just the red tab and the creative teams from Bangalore & Mumbai staring at it for hours and days until that lightning struck Hital Pandya, the art director on the job, who thought of placing the red tab on a blue line in a ruled book.
It looked like a denim thread that was holding the red tab. Cool but not yet there. Levi’s has always broken rules and pioneered the fashion trends and to stick the red tab in a ruled book just didn’t fit well. But hey, we spotted that ‘little red tab attached to a slim blue line.’ You can’t get slimmer than a slim blue line, can you?

But we went further, and decided to bring the blue line to life, to experiment with lines and create a whole new race called the Levi’s slim figures. To give them character and bring them to life. To take a leap from all the figures that have decorated the chain of graffitti museums, otherwise called science notebooks, walls, buses, trains or even those public toilets. The next task was to ensure that they would stick out, literally from a distance. And sexy slim lines are now known to sport the famous red tab on their hips across urban hangouts.

It takes a brave, really brave client to accept such a radical idea that was designed to stick out in the fashion world, but our client, who’s brave and creative too, Shumone Chatterjee, CEO of Levi’s India loved the idea and the rest is history.

Type Of Advertisement: Newspaper
Category: Clothing, Footwear & Accessories
Product or Service: LEVI'S SLIM JEANS
Entrant Company, City: JWT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Advertising Agency, City: JWT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Creative Director: Senthil Kumar/Agnello Dias/Bruce Matchett
Copywriter: Karan Amin/Prahlad Nanjappa
Art Director: Hital Pandya/Vivek Kakkad
Illustrator: Nilesh Naik
Account Supervisor: Jaskaran Kapany/Anuj Kacker


Anonymous Mo said...

I love this campaign. It's awesome.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not even worth blogging bout! but...
the campaign does not hit hard. it just passes by.
recall value ...yes,out of the box..yes but content and meat
they could have come up with things much much better.
radical yes but significant and relevant

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, very original. a year before this campaign happened Orchard did a campaign using stick figures for Diet Coke which won at The Abbys and Fab Awards. Maybe they never saw it;)

10:03 AM  

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