Monday, July 31, 2006

Santo, Buenos Aires. Bronze Lion. TV.

What Sebastian Wilhelm (Creative Director at Santo, Buenos Aires) has to say about "Sorry Mum"

Dirt is good is Ala’s (omo’s) global brand idea, and we think is wonderful. It turns the whole washing powder category in its head by focusing on something much more important than clean clothes: children’s development. As a message, it’s good and it’s powerful. And more over, only a brand with great cleaning credentials could say so.
As our first task on this brand, Santo was asked to launch this concept in latin america.
As it happens, adults often want children to behave like adults. But children will be children: they love to run about, to jump, to explore and experiment and could not care less about clean clothes. The problem is: mums nag them about it. They berate them because they don’t understand the good their children obtain from it. So we tried to expose that ridiculous behavior in a charming way and in the process, explain to mums why dirt is good.
It all sprang from the thought of a 4 year-old girl saying: “sorry mum for getting dirty. It wasn’t very mature of me”. With that ironic thought in mind, we wrote a thinly-veiled sarcastic speech from children to their mums, saying sorry to them for getting dirty, while at the same time, teaching her what “unimportant” things they’d learned in the process.
It was a surprise for us that it won a lion; I reckon some spots are more powerful in the ad break than in the Cannes reel, but nevertheless it makes us proud to have won with a brand (and brand managers) that never even had a decent piece of work to submit to a festival.


Category: Household: Cleaning Products
Advertiser: UNILEVER
Product or Service: ALA/OMO DETERGENT
Entrant Company, City: SANTO, Buenos Aires
Advertising Agency, City: SANTO, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Maximiliano Anselmo/Sebastián Wilhelm
Copywriter: Sebastián Wilhelm/Pablo Minces
Art Director: Maximiliano Anselmo
Agency Producer: Andrés Salmoyraghi
Production Company, City: PALERMO FILMS, Buenos Aires
Director: Martín Hodara
Producer: Barbara Factorovich
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Juan Carlos Lenardi/Julian Mex Ledezma
Editor: X
Music: X
Sound Design/Arrangement: No Problem


Blogger gfm said...

An Excellent commercial for a very boring product.
I don't mind if it's Bronze, Silver or Gold, is one of the best commercials (if not the best) of the year.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skip done it better, before (at least in Portugal). "É bom sujar-se", meaning "getting dirty is good", was the positive way to comunicate the same idea.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if they stole this idea as well?

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Sander Gelsing said...

FYI - Unilever's Canadian trade-mark application for GETTING DIRTY IS GOOD was recently advertised in the Trade-marks Journal.

Check out my blog posting on that.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Carlo said...

Good Job! :)

6:46 AM  
Blogger Alex ² said...

Great, great, great text!

I\m love for Santo's works!

8:29 AM  

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