Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leo Burnett, Mumbai. Bronze Lion. Press.

What Kaushik Mitra, (copywriter at Leo Burnett, Mumbai) has to say about "Receptionist" and "Waiter"

To start off with, I think it's important to understand that over 50% of the population in India is below 25 years of age and when they seek a holiday, they're seeking either complete inactivity and laziness, or they're seeking adventure and fun.

Now the Maneland Jungle Lodge is a resort right at the edge of Gir Forest, an area famous for its lion population in Gujarat. And an area that's certainly not meant to attract the break-from-work-by-lazing holiday seeker.

For us within the agency, it meant an opportunity to create something adventurous and bold, and that's precisely how I remember my art partner, Harshad descibing the brief. Maneland had never advertised before in a big way, and it was our turn to pounce upon an opportunity to create a big, wide splash in the marketplace for holidays and tours in India.

"Mutilated lodge staff" was the first thought that emerged in the brainstorm to follow. While I admit it was I who was guilty of coming up with the idea first, it couldn't have been possible without Harshad and the rest of the team saying what they did. Soon after, our brainstorm got interrupted because there was another urgent brief we had to do immediate justice to, and while presenting the idea to the rest of the creative directors within the agency, we realised that that was the only idea we were left with.

But luckily for us, Pops (or KV Sridhar, as our National Creative Director is otherwise known), Agnello Dias (the Executive Creative Director) and Santosh Padhi (National Art Head), all fell in love with the idea. And saw to it that it was executed perfectly and released in good time, before the holidays began. Luckily the client also had a sense of humour and loved what we created. Of course, we had no idea then that a resort meant to show off the last lions in India would get us one!

Type Of Advertisement: Newspaper
Category: Travel, Transport & Tourism
Product or Service: TOURIST LODGE
Entrant Company, City: LEO BURNETT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Advertising Agency, City: LEO BURNETT INDIA, Mumbai
Country: INDIA
Creative Director: K.v Sridhar/Santosh Padhi/Agnello Dias
Copywriter: Agnello Dias/Kaushik Mitra
Art Director: Santosh Padhi
Photographer: Shekhar Phalke
Account Supervisor: Sandeep Pathak
Advertiser's Supervisor: Anil Kumar


Anonymous oxymoron said...

Thats a neat Idea and the execution is captured well too!

8:07 AM  
Blogger hmmmmm said...

Just saw this campaign yesterday in the 2006 edition of One Show.Found it quite brutal ( landmine casualties and Cambodia coming to mind) but it left a mark, so kudos!

Copywriter looking to move to a better agency ;)

1:53 AM  

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