Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rethink, Vancouver. Greengate Garden Centres.

Greengate has buyers around the world that import the very best plants, trees and shrubs available. They hire certified horticulturalists to help you buy the right product for your garden and they guarantee everything they sell for up to a year (which is unheard in the gardening business). But none of these facts made for interesting advertising, so we instead focused on the benefit of healthy trees: they grow faster. They fill in quicker. They block out nosy neighbours sooner. These were the things customers really cared about.

The client was initially apprehensive about this ad. He thought animal rights activists may not see the humour, but to his credit he gave us the green light with the promise of creative restraint and a dog that didn’t look too pained.

The tree and leash were shot in camera, but the dog was shot in a different location on a ramp that the photographer built. “Ginger” was a really easy-going dog, but freaked out when she was lifted vertically on the board. So in the end the owner had to hold her dog up in the air for us to get he shot. I think the final image was made of about 5 or 6 shots of various dog parts to get everything just right.

Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Writer: Brian Collins
Creative Directors: Ian Grais/Chris Staples
Photographer: Ric Kokotovich
Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada


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