Friday, January 12, 2007

TBWA Toronto. Client: Nissan Canada.

Firstly, we had a good positioning: "Infiniti FX is a sports car and SUV, all-in-one". The car, its design, its abilities, is designed for men in their '40's; guys who want the pragmatisim of an SUV, yet still wanted to exercise their peurile inclinations and stretch out as they would in a sports cars.

These preliminaries in hand, it really wasn't too difficult to come to the conceptual conclusion that we did. We knew that guys, not unlike us, would've, in their youth, taken a great deal of interest in Hot Rods, and Dragsters.

From there, we married the imagery of and FX as a Nitro-burning Funny Car, its shell raised to expose the exhorbitantly-powerful guts underneath. The twist here being that instead, we replaced these guts with one of Nissan's legendary track cars, the Skyline GT-R.

It was always our favourite, recommended concept. It happened to be spot-on in the client's eyes. They bought it right away, and spared no expense for us to hire Vincent Dixon, an A-lister in his own right, and then soon enough it was done. We had other concepts, though they were there to show the client we didn't just do this alone with all the money they pay us in fees.

Overall, this ad was an example of all the things that should happen when an agency is organised and focused. We had a good brief, a good relationship with the client, and a concept everyone liked, and went on to do well for the client, and, by judging from your interest, us as well.

Now, even I over the years have wondered how ads like this get to have as many people in the credits as they do. It just so happened that both teams, us in a Cd and conceptual capacity, and Mike and Greg in a conceptual capacity, came up with a similar idea.

Art Directors: Mike Blanch/Scott Couture
Writers: Greg Buri/Allen Oake
Creative Directors: Joe Amaral/Scott Couture/Allen Oake
Photographer: Vincent Dixon


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